Computer Networks Mechanic

  • Napísal(a)  Mgr. Ivana Karpatyová
  • Prečítané 798 krát

The length of Education: 4 years

Study fields are stated for: boys and girls

Conditions for acceptance to study field:

- Successful ending of the 9th grade on the Primary school

- Health competence

The form of finishing the educational process:

- School leaving examination

Document of finishing the educational process:

- School leaving certificate

- Skill certificate

Level of education that is provided:

- Complete secondary technical education

- Classification of levels of education according to ISCED – 3A

- Exam from specialized skills in terms of proclamation Ministry of Labour, Social Affair and Family of the Slovak Republic No. 718/2002 Z.z. to provide safety and protection of health and safety at work in terms of proclamation 25 ods.3 alumni acquire certificate of specialized skills electrical engineer for operating devices till 1000 including conductors according to 21 quoted proclamation.

Future career:

Graduates of the field Computer Networks Mechanic are preparing for the work in corporations, firms and self-business activity in the areas:

Region of production:

- Installation of computers and peripheral equipment

- Installation of computer network

Region of service:

- Diagnostics, service and repair of computer and peripheral equipment

- Diagnostics, service and repair of computer network

Graduates can work in areas:

- Local computer networks

- Creation of web pages

Priority of the field:

- Field of study: school-leaving certificate + skill certificate + certificate CISCO + certificate of electrical competence

- Knowledge in service of computer techniques

- Perspective in the field of information technologies