Secondary Technical School in Poprad

  • Napísal(a)  Mgr. Ivana Karpatyová
  • Prečítané 1018 krát

Secondary Technical School (SOŠT), Kukučínova Street in Poprad, certainly belongs to the oldest schools in this region and has been preparing specialists in the area of mechanical engineering and information technologies for over 50 years. The school has reached rating BB (quality institution with high professional level) in valuation of quality of pedagogical process that is distributed by International Education Society (IES) London. The graduates of study fields have the opportunity to obtain a school-leaving examination certificate, skill certificate and certificates provided internationally:

  • IES London – certificate proving that graduate was educated in institutions of relevant rating,
  • CISCO Systems USA – certificate for the field of Information Technology,
  • CLOOS Schwesstechnik Haiger SRN certificate for welding in robotized workplace.

SOŠT is equipped with modern computer techniques in 22 classrooms that serve for theoretical and practical teaching. All of them are connected to a high-speed internet with the option of wireless connection in a rest zone. PCs includes a high graphic software, f.e. Adobe Creative Suite 4, Cinema 4D, Cadkey, Surfcam. The school has its own canteen and dormitory. The open day for the students of 9th grade is held annually in autumn and all students with their parents are invited.

SOŠT realizes its activities in own premises:

  • theoretical building with school hall,
  • building of practical training,
  • building of extracurricular activities with a school dormitory, guest-house, school canteen and lounge bar,
  • sports facilities – gym with a small fitness centre, multifunctional playground.

The things that are highly appreciated are:

  • Aesthetics and appearance of the school premises,
  • Equipment of specialised classrooms,
  • Modern computer techniques (8 classrooms of computer techniques for theoretical teaching, 14 classrooms of information technology for practical education, computer network, Internet…),
  • Premises for sport, rest, fun…

Trainings and courses:

  • Welding school Z-E1, Z-G1, Z-M1,
  • Service and programming of robotized workplace for welding CLOOS ROMAT 310,
  • Courses on PC through Windows, CISCO.

Nowadays we are teaching 555 students in 21 classrooms (515 boys and 40 girls). Beyond the pedagogical-educational process, the school is also interested in manufactural activity in the field of machine industry; it provides accommodation and eating services, IT service and service of computer graphics.