The History of school

  • Napísal(a)  Mgr. Ivana Karpatyová
  • Prečítané 734 krát

The school belongs to the one of the oldest schools in the region with its orientation for preparation of worker´s professions. Profile of the mechanical focus has been formed under the supervision of mother company – TATRA Vagónka.

1948 The first reference about the teaching trainees in TATRA Vagónka
1957 Creating the training centre for trainees near the mother company
01.09.1960 Establishment of training college
1963 Establishment of school dormitory 
1964/65 Opening of 5-year study with school-leaving examination
1965 The first 6-weeks welding course for trainees
1974 Establishing the new building with classrooms and workrooms
1976 The construction of gymnasium was completed
1978 Training school obtained the statute secondary technical school providing comprehensive secondary education 
01.09.1986 The opening of a new school building
1990 Delimitation of vocational school from TATRA Vagónka, Vocational School is becoming independent legal subject 
Change of name to Secondary Vocational School
1993 More fields occurred (tailors, artists)
Project ,,Modernization of theoretical and practical education”
2000 Robotized workplace for welding 
Welding school
2001 Change of founder –  KU Prešov
The beginning of teaching new study fields Computer networks mechanic and programmer of machining and welding machines and equipments
2001 Creation of Local Cisco Networking Academy
2002 Change of founder - Prešov Self-Governing Region
2003 The beginning of teaching new study field Graphic designer of computer networks
2004 5 classrooms of information technology equipped with dataprojectors and connection to the Internet
2005 9 classrooms of information technology with connection to the Internet
2006 Equipment of mechanical workrooms including modern CNC machining centre
01.09.2008 Change of name to Secondary Technical School
01.09.2008 New school management
2008 Change of name The Youth House to School Dormitory
2008 Buying multilicence Adobe CS4
2008 Connection to program CINEMA 4D Academy Program
01.01.2009 Change of school name to SOST 
Aug.10 Reconstruction of gymnasium
Nov.10 Celebration of 50th Anniversary 
12.11.2010 Meeting of pedagogical consultants from primary and secondary schools
25.02.2011 Regional examination of SOČ
Aug. 2011 2 new classrooms for teaching foreign languages
Aug.11 New pavement between building of theoretical and practical teaching
Aug.11 Another 3 new classrooms equipped with information technology (2 classrooms for practical education and 1 classroom for theoretical teaching)
June 2012 New heating in gymnasium, the reconstruction of premises